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5 months ago

Colonial Quicksand: Faisal and "The United States of Syria"

A look at the Syrian-Arab Congress and events after WW1 from the Arabs Point of View

Liberty, equality, and consent of the governed, the last three ideas that come to mind when I think of Syria. Due to the country's chaos, brokenness, and authoritarianism today, I may not be that far off. For Faisal and the Syrian people living over 100 years ago, I would be. Although the First World War left millions dead and many more displaced, hope for a constitutional monarchy that relied on principles of decentralized government that preserved the rights of minorities was found in the son of a king. With the help of popular self-determination, Wilson’s Fourteen Points, and the openness of the Paris Peace Conference, Faisal, son of Hussein bin Ali, and the popularly elected Syrian Congress, lead the Syrian-Arab nationalist movement to found their own country, the Syrian-Arab Kingdom, against the power of French Imperialism.

00:00 Introduction/Context

10:30 Arab Revolt

14:57 Treaty of Versailles

42:23 Faisal and the Syrian Congress

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