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5 months ago

The Gulag: The First Camps, Part 2

A look at the Soviet Union's first prison camp system.

The Gulag (Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps) was a network of labor camps and prisons spread throughout the Soviet Union. Between 1918 and 1956, 1.2 to 1.7 million people would die within the camp system.

For today's episode, I discuss the "class enemies" within the first prisons, the Solovetsky Camps, the kulaks, and the Great Terror.

This is part two of a multiple part series on the Gulag camps. For the next part, I will discuss the human experiences. After I have released all of the episodes, I will release them all as one part. If you enjoy the show, please consider following and rating wherever you get your podcasts! Cheers.

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