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5 months ago

The First Crusade and the Justifications for a Holy War

Today, we are discussing Just War theory in the context of the first crusade. We look at the ideas and motivations behind Pope Urban II and the crusaders involved. If you enjoy the show, please consider leaving a rating wherever you listen to your podcasts! If you are interested in learning more, check out the website at

Timeline - Papal Supremacy 03:15 - Just War (Holy War) 8:20 - Crusader intentions 20:35 - Quick Muslim Perspective 41:10 - Conclusion 45:45

Papal Supremacy

  • Doctrine of the Catholic Church which states the pope has power over all matters of the church based on Jesus' delegation to Peter (Matthew 16:18). Pope uses this power politically.

Just War

  • Theory/Tradition that looks at whether wars are justifiable under certain conditions. Augustine sets out four conditions (Proper authority, Defensive or in response to a wrong, must be done out of necessity, must have just intentions).

Holy War

  • Just War applied to the crusades. Reason behind motivation: spiritual, socioreligious, and socioeconomic.

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